Admin Panel

by Adi Gandra


Our client, Sway80, was a start up that was scaling fast and facing many growing pains. They were in the social media industry, and had to handle thousands of social media users a day, while continually adding and scaping social media accounts for the latest information. To manage all this data on a day to day basis was severely limiting their ability to scale.


Our client needed to automate workflows and manage their data by building a cloud based administrator panel. They needed to be able to cut down on repeatable tasks, and identify trends in their data at a faster pace. In addition, they hoped they could scale their business at a faster pace - by automating the management of their data and creating easy visual workflows.


NTB performed a thorough analysis of the business needs and day-to-day workflows. NTB, then after gaining a complete understanding created a detailed plan to implement an administrator panel for the client.
Creating a complete DB Schema to take into account all possibilities for their data
Setting up cloud-based infrastructure with a custom application to host access to their data layer
Running a cron to perform analysis of the data and alert management for any irregularities
Creating the application to handle all custom workflows

By running cost-benefit analysis NTB determined the best stack to run would be a in house PHP 7 framework, along with PostgreSQL, with the front end done in ReactJS. PHP7 was chosen because of the speed of development and the big performance gains when compared to previous PHP versions. PHP7 also allows for strict typing which would help in defining application and developmental standards.

PostgreSQL was chosen because of the vast amount of features and the ease of use. With many different data types and extensions, almost all the functionality that the client required to be implemented. ReactJS was chosen to provide a seamless and easy experience for the client when using the administration panel. ReactJS was also paired with Redux to allow for controlled state management between the server and client side.


After implementing and training our client in the use of their new administration panel, they were able to scale at 400% faster than before. Leadership was now able to worry less about the day to day operations, and less money was spent on data analysis. This saved leadership time and money directly, while letting them bring on more customers at a faster pace.

NTB was able to understand our business and our problems, and figure out with us how to solve them. By understanding our business, the admin panel they created - made a difference from day one. NTB provided was with insight and guidance every step of the way - which resulted in a great product for us to use, while growing our business at an accelerated rate.

CEO of Sway80